Wednesday, October 22, 2008

World Of Warcraft

Little bit ago i went on my game on the computer and got on World of Warcraft and hey updated it and the new expansion hat involves a new thing called classes.There is Mage,Druid,Warrior,the new class Deah Knight,Rogue is what Veemon,Paladin, Hunter And Shaman.And the main site is if u want on the server then if u get on go to he server Stormrage.Then if u make it go friend list and look for veemon if i am not on send me mail make a comment that ask to send mail to me.

Getting A Little Bro.

Its Wednesday the 22nd and my mom is about to go to India To Prasun and she is having a heck
of a time because yesterday was my dads birthday and we went to kobe the man sitting next to me
was really funny.And Mc.Kenzie came along too and Mc.Kenzie is one of the girls that I know.

I had to stay at a friends house

Today I had to stay Micheal and Heather and had to stay all day and had o play "Hide And seek".
It was kinda fun and then we played outside and then i had been tired and then updated this blog

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Today was one of those days that I love homeschooling. We had our first day of school. It was a field trip. How cool is that. Ananya had a doctor's appointment. We went to the Sci-Works down there.
Anthony really likes to look at all the exhibits. He got to play with all the physics exhibits. It was good because that is what we are studying this year. Tomorrow we have to start on real book work. Maybe we can get through the year without too much burnout.
I'm hoping so anyways.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Olympics

So we are studying "Creation to the Greeks" this year. I've been thinking that maybe we need to look at the Olympics. How it started and such. I'm not sure whether we will start the year next week or if we should just Tivo a few events and watch them as time goes on. I know Anthony is in no hurry to start school again. Ananya starts preschool in 3 weeks. I was hoping to be back from India and start school then. I don't think its really a good idea for us to wait that long though. I want the whole homeschool experience to be fun for Anthony, but am not sure how to do it.
I'm going to send him to classes at the local science center once a month. I know that will make him happy. Anything to get away from the evil mom.
We will be visiting an exhibit in Charlotte sometime this month. It is on a Day in Pompeii. I think we may just make an exploding volcano.
We definitely need to work on our manners around here too. We have gotten alittle lax and there haven't been enough pleases and thank yous. Got get control before a house full of children over rule us.
I'm also excited to do more cooking projects this year. We are going to make Challah and have a traditional Jewish Sabbath this year (at least in my head). Not sure how everyone else is going to warm to the idea. It may be nice though. I'll try to disconnect my family from technology for a day. I'll probably have to drag them down to the lake for most of the day.
Anyways. I'll keep everyone posted on how we are doing. I may be kind of vague in descriptions.
Just remember. I don't mean for this blog in anyway to be a complete diary of our homeschooling. I won't list everything we are covering. Remember that.